Wings of Fire


Wings of Fire

Published on Jan 31, 2020 by Ashok Kasilingam


It's a well known fact that the holiday season of Christmas and New Year racks up lots of travel in the world, be it visiting family members, relatives, friends or just for vacation. But over the past decade travels that happen during the Lunar new year celebration have dwarfed this. It was estimated that in 2020 China will rack up Three Billion trips during this period which is the world’s biggest Human Migration.

It was against this backdrop China has imposed a massive travel lock down of their provinces which prohibits travel for atleast 30 million Chinese people to prevent the spreading of Corona virus. It is as if the entire population of Canada is under travel lock down. While Chinese government's steps to combat the outbreak from becoming a global pandemic is highly appreciated, the scale and ease at which they have imposed this travel restriction is something the world has never seen before. Whether Chinese government's actions really helps contain the global outbreak of virus will be tested in the coming days.

It is this tight grip of the Chinese government over it's people and take unilateral decisions is what always people in West equate for every action and success of China to. While there is no denying China is still an autocratic state, it would be naive to attribute the humongous growth of Chinese internet companies like Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu at the world stage just to Chinese government protectionism and controls. There is more to this story - which we will explore another time.

While Dr Abdul Kalam's call to make India a super global power by 2020 still remains a dream - China is fast inching there, if not already there.

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